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2020-03-31 12:06 Dec 12, 2017 I pretty much only watch YouTube videos on my phone, and pretty much only use the app. I find that one day it will be 3 out of 4 videos go about a minute, buffer for a split second, come back maybe 30 seconds then buffer and cut to black screen but continue to play.

Dec 13, 2012  Had same problem for months (using Safari)YouTube was always a black screen, but other videos would play (like apple trailers). Rightclicked on black YouTube screen for menu. Clicked on About html5 . Took me to a screen that suggested I was running a trial of html5 (with green checkmark). CLicked on Leave the html5 trial and worked perfect. youtube screen black safari Mac users have raised their voices against the new sleek YouTube player. Apparently, when a YouTube video is loaded, Mac OS X users are able to hear only the audio part with a black video screen displaying nothing, leaving out the users on the ragged edge of frustration.

A common issue with Mac computers and the Safari Internet browser is that sometimes YouTube videos display incorrectly: just a black screen or a black player window. Luckily, if YouTube videos arent loading correctly for you, the solution is quite easy. These next two steps should get you on your way to watching videos again in no time. youtube screen black safari

YouTube users might often encounter that YouTube screen displays a black screen. YouTube black screen problem might be caused by as many as the number of techniques that go in the making of these technodevices and the management of Apps. The technicalities involved are baffling. Luckily, here we pick up top 5 solutions to the problems of Apr 26, 2018 The basic issue is that YouTube videos show a black screen instead of video. There are variations. If you're using Safari and watching in fullscreen mode, reload the page, wait 5 to 10 seconds, and then open the video in fullscreen. The length of time the black screen appears often exactly equals the length of the ad that's being youtube screen black safari

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