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2020-03-31 01:39 Often times you may want to listen to music or videos while using other Apps on your iPhone. One way of doing this is to Play YouTube Videos in Background on iPhone or iPad using methods as listed below in this article. Play YouTube Videos in Background on iPhone and iPad The original method to play

Nov 15, 2017 Using youtube video as background on iphone. How to play youtube video on background iphone 5 iphone 6 6s iphone 7 7plus iphone 8 Pagal Kanchha. play youtube in background iphone 5 How to Play YouTube in the Background on Your Phone is just a vehicle for a songwhich is why background play in the YouTube is restricted to YouTube Red subscribers. iPhone Apps Let You

Playing YouTube in the background isnt a big deal on iPhone Yeah above statement is true all the way. If youve device of Apple running any firmware from iOS 5 to iOS 10, you can easily run YouTube videos in Background on your iPhone or iPad. play youtube in background iphone 5

Apr 03, 2018  However, if you dont mind paying for YouTube Red, that is perhaps the easiest and best way to play YouTube in the background of your device. But without any further ado, lets finally look at the few different ways that you can play YouTube content in the background on the iPhone. Jan 29, 2017 IT worked in background until 10. 0& . 1 update these solutions below don't work any longer& it should have nothing to do with having to subscribe to YouTube red considering it worked perfectly before the update I kept waiting for someone to come up with solution for past few weeks but no one has anything new pretty lame it won't work now and we shouldn't be forced to pay for a Why audio stops playing in background on YouTube. A feature that's common to YouTube and other video apps is that, when you press the Home or power button, the audio stops playing. play youtube in background iphone 5 Apr 10, 2017  YouTube is the second most popular web site, and thus, it has lots of videos. Some iOS users have reported that YouTube videos would not play in the background. I have also experienced this issue. I was able to play YouTube videos in the background while Jan 14, 2018  Play YouTube in Background on iPhone or iPad Running iOS 10 Launch Safari or Google Chrome and go to YouTube. com. Choose a video you want to play, and then tap the button for play. Press the button for Home , and the video will automatically pause. Aug 08, 2018  Many iPhone and iPad users like to play YouTube videos in the background, often for listening to music or listening to a podcast or talk show. For example, maybe you found a great song on YouTube that you want to enjoy while playing a game, or while practicing a Mar 05, 2014 Get a Background YouTube Stream Playing on the iPhone iPad. Open Safari app (yes, Safari, not YouTube) and go to the YouTube. com website to find the video to play; Start playing the video from the YouTube website as usual by tapping on the () play button

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